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by Pierre S Aoukar, MD and Hratch L Karamanoukian, MD
Posted: February 16

Yes, alcohol is good for the heart, but only in moderation. Numerous studies have demonstrated that moderate consumption of alcohol leads to a reduction in coronary heart disease. Moderate consumption means one or two drinks per day. In fact, if you consume no alcohol at all or more than two drinks per day, your risk of dying from heart disease is actually higher than those who have one or two drinks. And your risk increases directly with the number of drinks you consume beyond two per day. These benefits are incurred by increasing HDL (good cholesterol) levels, thinning blood and by antioxidant properties of certain drinks such as red wine and dark beer. If you are healthy to begin with, you should drink in moderation, but donít use it an excuse for irresponsible behavior.

Alcohol, Introduction to Heart Disease, Excerpt from the book: Everything Good For The Heart: The A to Z Guide, Aoukar PS and Karamanoukian HL. Magalhaes Scientific Press

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