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Spinach Pies

by Pierre S. Aoukar, MD
Posted: April 1

Servings: 6


1 recipe Pizza Dough (8 pizzas)
2 pounds fresh spinach, chiffonade
2 medium yellow onions, diced
3-4 fresh lemons, juiced
3 Tb extra virgin olive oil
sea salt and cayenne pepper to taste


1. Prepare the dough as you would for making pizza, however, when you are ready to divide the dough into balls for the second rise or proofing, divide it into 12 balls (instead of 8 as the recipe calls for). Allow the dough to proof for the second time and preheat your oven with the baking stone to 450˚F.

2. Chiffonade or julienne the spinach and add the remainder of the ingredients, including a generous sprinkling of sumac. On a well floured surface begin to flatten the dough balls with your fingertips going from the inside out and moving in a circular fashion. Unlike pizzas, you want the flattened dough to be the same thickness throughout. I use a rolling pin to do this, once Iíve used my fingertips to get it started. The flattened dough should be about 8-10 inches in diameter and less than 1/8 of an inch thick. Place two handfuls of the spinach salad into the middle of the pie, approximating a triangular shape. The pile should be heaping, but will cook down significantly during baking. The pie will be triangular when done. Turn over one edge of the dough onto the spinach filling. Then turn another side over. The two pieces of dough should meet at one corner. Turn over the third and final side onto the spinach and you have just created two additional corners. The sides of dough should overlap just a little, so you can close the pie. Use your fingertips to seal the sides of dough together. Make all the pies this way.

3. Gently slide each spinach pie off the peel and onto the stone. If your peel is floured adequately, the pie should slide right off. Bake until the bottom of the crust is a golden brown, about 10 minutes. Throw under the broiler for a minute to brown the top of the crust.

HINT: Save the juice from the filling and brush the pies when they come out. This will give it an extra kick and a nice sheen as well.

Spinach Pies, The Recipes of Dr. Aoukar


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