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Buffalo Wings

by Hratch L Karamanoukian, MD and Pierre Aoukar, MD
Posted: February 17

Buffalo wings are delicious but they are not good for your health !

Gram for gram, wings are the fattest part of a chicken. Chicken wings are deep fried and the wing sauce is chock full of butter. The blue cheese dip adds to the insult by increasing caloric and fatty intake.

When you add up all of the components of this delicious dish, it becomes apparent that chicken wings are only good for the economy of Buffalo, not the economy of your health ! As one of our colleagues tells his patients, “…you are better off eating two Big MacsTM and SupersizedTM fries than a dozen Buffalo wings…”

So, next time someone puts a plate in front of you and you start to think about eating Buffalo wings, think again !

Excerpt from the book: Everything Is Bad For Your Heart: The A to Z Guide, Hratch L Karamanoukian, MD and Pierre Aoukar, MD. Magalhaes Scientific Press

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